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Support Control Technology


KISTERS has its own service organization with more than 30 years of experience in supporting and maintaining complex and sensitive client systems. The on-call service provided by the service centers allows KISTERS to offer comprehensive support all over Germany and in the surrounding areas and to guarantee its clients short response times. If agreed, the KISTERS on-call service is available for clients around the clock and can be reached via the technical support. When needed, the on-call service team is assisted by the system support. For this purpose, KISTERS system and software experts are on call at all times.


Technical support ControlStar

Tel.: +49 441 93602 -111
Fax: +49 441 93602 -222

Technical support ProCoS

Tel.: +49 721 94404-111

Our services

KISTERS offers service contracts for control technology and hardware maintenance to ensure the ongoing and reliable operation of the KISTERS systems.

The main services are:

  • Providing staff for troubleshooting
  • Providing hardware spare parts in our central warehouse and the service centers
  • Preventive cyclic maintenance of the system
  • Cyclic system backup
  • Comprehensive assistance in case of questions and problems related to support.

Reproducible errors which have more than a minor impact on functionality are resolved quickly and effectively.

Depending on the concluded contract, our services range from further developing the delivered system with the client to full hardware replacement.

The Control Technology Team

Günther Olthoff
Klaus Böhmer
Walter Litter
Lukas Pospisil
Herbert Völzke

Consulting, academy & services

The KISTERS team of energy industry and IT experts guides you through the entire life cycle of your solutions, offering comprehensive consulting services right from the start: Together, we build the solution your company needs by simply selecting and configuring the readily available standard modules. We provide training and manuals specifically designed for your company, 24-hour internet support, and a telephone hotline to assist you with your requests. What's more, we organize user group meetings with lectures and workshops on specialized topics and the opportunity to exchange ideas with subject matter experts.


+49 2408 93 85 666


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