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Services around BelVis to optimize your system

You are probably not using and not aware of all features BelVis offers. Our experience has shown that most of our clients do not take full advantage of their BelVis software. Even in the standard version, BelVis offers many ways to easily increase performance, automate processes, reduce the data volume, and improve the system.

The following service packages allow you to use BelVis to its full potential, to optimize it, and thus save time, effort, and costs.

New: Consulting services by the hour

Clients who have already ordered service days with us can call up the services listed below within these days. You can now also order remote consulting services by the hour. If you are interested, please contact support, your sales representative, or Ms. Rückert.

Our services

  • Analysis and optimization of network accounts
  • Master data cleansing
  • Advice on special procurement strategies in BelVis PFM / BelVis PS
  • Top reports in BelVis PFM or BelVis EDM
  • Data reduction
  • Authorization concept
  • Analysis of day-to-day business processes
  • Configuration of special technical requirements
  • Configuration check
  • Performance improvement
  • "BelVis Friday job"
  • Documentation and checklists
  • Optimizing and setting up forecasts
  • Data delivery services
  • Database support

Consulting, academy & services

The KISTERS team of energy industry and IT experts guides you through the entire life cycle of your solutions, offering comprehensive consulting services right from the start: Together, we build the solution your company needs by simply selecting and configuring the readily available standard modules. We provide training and manuals specifically designed for your company, 24-hour internet support, and a telephone hotline to assist you with your requests. What's more, we organize user group meetings with lectures and workshops on specialized topics and the opportunity to exchange ideas with subject matter experts.


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