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Energy Business Unit

Software for the energy industry

KISTERS AG is a globally growing IT company with 600 employees, developing, among others, resource management systems for energy, water, and air. 750 companies in the energy sector – in production, distribution, marketing and trade, and use of energy – as well as in the industry rely on the pioneering KISTERS solutions. The portfolio includes market- and process-oriented solutions for, amongst others

  • Energy data and portfolio management
  • Smart metering
  • Forecasting
  • Virtual power plants
  • Optimization
  • Smart grid / control technology
  • Life cycle / asset management of plants and grids

Vision & Mission

We - the KISTERS Energy Division - see ourselves as "pioneers for the intelligent use of renewable energies". This is our vision, which guides us both internally and externally.
Our mission sums it up: "We provide process-oriented, intuitive and high-performance software solutions for the dynamic energy market. Motivated, flexible and working together as a team - also with our customers - we combine our competencies, assume responsibility and constantly improve ourselves". With this basic attitude we meet the dynamics and complexity of the energy market in order to be able to supply our customers with suitable solutions in the future as well.

Strong Together

We provide more than tailored solutions: Long-term partnerships with our clients allow us to continuously develop our offer on a demand-driven basis. This enables us to offer our clients the highest level of quality, innovation, and investment security.

With headquarters in Aachen, Germany, and numerous international subsidiaries, KISTERS is an internationally sought-after partner for software solutions due to its expertise, experience, and industry knowledge. In Germany, KISTERS is the market leader for EDM systems.

Market- and process-oriented solutions for, among others, metering, procurement & trade, energy sales, data analytics and many more


Market-compliant and pioneering software solutions


Software for water management & hydrology


Software for air quality monitoring


Hardware & software for environmental monitoring

Shipping & aviation

Software for maritime logistics, aviation and aeronautics

Environmental protection & safety

Software for occupational safety and environmental protection

Engineering services

Environmental consulting

2D/3D visualization

Viewer solutions

Consulting, academy & services

The KISTERS team of energy industry and IT experts guides you through the entire life cycle of your solutions, offering comprehensive consulting services right from the start: Together, we build the solution your company needs by simply selecting and configuring the readily available standard modules. We provide training and manuals specifically designed for your company, 24-hour internet support, and a telephone hotline to assist you with your requests. What's more, we organize user group meetings with lectures and workshops on specialized topics and the opportunity to exchange ideas with subject matter experts.


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