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Smart Grid

Smart Grids

Energy Sales

Software for efficient energy sales

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Software Solutions for Trading

Generation / Virtual Power Plants

Generation / Virtual Power Plants



The contemporary introduction of smart meters presents the energy and IT industry with an enormous challenge. The rapid proliferation of new technologies...


Smart Grid

Distributed producers, energy stores, and consumers participating in the network present an increasingly complex environment in which ...

Energy Sales

Tasks, processes, and transactions in energy sales are becoming more and more complex – this is, for example, due to the integration of renewable energy sources and ...


Trade & Procurement

The expansion of renewable energy sources and the cost pressure in procurement have, in recent years, led to more complex and short-term transactions in... 

Generation / Virtual Power Plants

In the context of power, heat, and steam generation using modern power plant technology and renewable energy systems, it is most important to ...

Energy Efficiency

In the face of rising energy costs, identifying opportunities to save energy and increase energy and resource efficiency is more and more important.


Today, energy-intensive industrial companies are looking for ways to increase energy efficiency and generate power from their own facilities or ...


System Integration

In the IT landscapes of modern companies, a large number of software systems from different manufacturers must communicate with each another and work together smoothly.


Big Data and Analytics

To fully exploit the potential of digitalization of the energy sector, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, etc., you need software that turns raw data into meaningful insights and ...

Software components for your day-to-day business activities:

KISTERS solutions support your processes from control and monitoring of networks to collection, processing, analysis, and archiving of energy data to billing preparation. Analysis, forecasting, and optimization functions assist you in business-relevant evaluations and provision of data. KISTERS systems are in use all over the world. Today, more than 50 % of German energy supply companies rely on our solutions. In the application for energy data management, BelVis is the market leader in Germany. This strong position allows KISTERS to offer its clients the highest level of product innovation and safety.

The new BelVis+:

Practical support for business processes

We are currently rebuilding BelVis to gradually implement a new software technology that is fit for the future. This ensures that you as our client can continue to use the proven functions to successfully participate in the market. We use the latest findings in the field of software engineering (architecture, tools, etc.) and adapt our development strategy to new market and technical requirements.

In the future, you will benefit, among others, from a clear focus on and support of your business processes, greater performance, and increased stability. To avoid large migration projects, this process, which involves profound changes in the software technology, is designed as an evolutionary change process, i.e., the new BelVis+ will be implemented step by step.

Consulting, academy & services

The KISTERS team of energy industry and IT experts guides you through the entire life cycle of your solutions, offering comprehensive consulting services right from the start: Together, we build the solution your company needs by simply selecting and configuring the readily available standard modules. We provide training and manuals specifically designed for your company, 24-hour internet support, and a telephone hotline to assist you with your requests. What's more, we organize user group meetings with lectures and workshops on specialized topics and the opportunity to exchange ideas with subject matter experts.


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